A Vapour Control Layer, or VCL for short, is a plastic layer that restricts the movement of warm, moist air from inside a property into the fabric of the building.

VCLs prevent excess moisture entering a wall’s cavity, behind the insulation. This reduces the risk of harmful interstitial condensation by ensuring that any moisture within the cavity is at a manageable level.

Insulation material provided and installed such as sheep’s wool, rockwool or fibreglass, the VCL is installed to the warm side of the insulation. The VCL is stapled to the timber studwork with the insulation wedged between the timber studs. 

Following our installation, plasterboard can be screwed to the studs and then skimmed. Ensure that the joint between the bottom of the plasterboard and the floor is sealed. Ask your plasterer to leave a 20mm gap between the bottom of the board and the floor which can then be filled with expanding foam.

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