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At Sparkle we have been passionate and professional about meeting the rigorous challenges presented by the construction and new build sector since our inception over 15 years ago. It is what we like to think of as our company benchmark.

We know that you can trust us to bring with us this wealth of expertise in the field of cleaning & services as we regularly clean well over 150 different businesses, and work with many residential and commercial construction developers throughout the UK.

We specialise in the construction and new build sector, we can invest heavily in all those things that we know make a difference in construction environments. Like the robust and detailed health and safety system we have in place for the risks associated specifically when cleaning and testing construction sites and of course not forgetting the investment we make in our staff with practical and theoretical training and mentoring that is underpinned with regular and worthwhile management visits.

We know that you can trust us, to bring with us this wealth of expertise in the field of services, as we regularly supply our services to many different developers and a large proportion of them have been with us for many years.

We feel Sparkle are now one of the most experienced, safest, and professional construction cleaning and service providers throughout the North West & Midlands. All our staff are fully Trained, qualified and accredited in all aspects of services we provide. We are fully insured and health and safety compliant.

We only specialise in the construction services sector! 

It’s our focus and our passion!

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